All You Need to Know about Height Safety Inspections in Sydney

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Any building where workers, subcontractors, or other personnel have access to the roof requires a height safety examination. Your height safety system must not only be certified and accredited, but it must also go through ongoing maintenance and inspections to be secure. Depending on the state you are in, the frequency of height safety inspections in Sydney may change.

Is Your Height Safety System in Compliance with the Law?
The routine examination of fall prevention equipment is required by Australian Standards and state-based law. Your height safety system must be certified and approved, and all roof anchors, static lines, and personal protective equipment must function properly. To determine whether an inspection of your system is necessary, use this simple checklist.

The team of height safety inspections in Sydney works with your company to establish action plans that assist you in maintaining your registers, completing your inspections, and making sure that your site remains compliant and secure for both contractors and employees because the frequency of inspection and recertification varies from state to state.

Recertifying Roof Anchors & Static Lines:
Regular inspections of static lines and anchor locations are required. They must also be checked before each use if they are not in frequent use. Static lines and anchors can break if they aren’t regularly checked over and maintained. Rope fittings and fasteners may go loose.

Ladder Inspections:
For your assurance that your employees and contractors are safe, our 36-point ladder inspection will look for any damage, and telltale signs of wear and tear, and confirm that they are fit for use. After the height safety inspections in Sydney, a thorough report with registration for your records will be sent to you.

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