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Summer is quickly approaching, and you may be considering a major home makeover, or you may have recently learned that your property has asbestos. Whatever the cause, you should look for demolition contractors as the initial step in home renovation or maintenance.

While it may seem clear that you would need demolition contractors if you are performing a major renovation in your home, it may not be as evident that we will need special demolition contractors to determine if asbestos is a concern in your home improvement project.

Did you know that asbestos is a mineral that can be found on the walls or floors of homes, buildings, or apartment units? Furthermore, asbestos is well known to be hazardous to your or your tenants’ health, but where does it come from? This mineral is a by-product of construction history before the 1990s when it was exploited by the industry for its insulation and fireproof properties.

According to Australian history, asbestos was utilized in various materials such as cement, plaster, building insulation systems, floor and ceiling tiles, and so on. If your house or apartment was built between the 1920s and 1970s, it may have this mineral in the walls or roof.

The only time this mineral becomes toxic is when it becomes airborne like dust, which occurs during renovations or demolitions, frequently accidentally.

Nowadays, there are numerous safe methods for removing this mineral, and as one of the greenest house demolition in Sydney, we strongly advise that if you are considering renovating your home, you always seek professional assistance that can address your renewal with the finest approach.


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