4 Things to Consider Before You Hire Body Corporate Painting Services

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Nothing like a fresh coat of paint for increasing the value and breathing new life into a property. When it comes to painting your home or workplace, there is usually a single decision-maker, or consensus is easily reached; it is usually an exciting period. However, when it comes to stratum or body corporate painting, things get a little trickier.

Contact Professional Trade Organizations:
Any qualified commercial painter will be a member of at least one professional trade organization. The Master Painters Association, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, the Accommodation Managers Industry, and the Smart Strata database are among the most notable organizations.

Examine the Credentials:
Your chosen team of specialists for body corporate painting in Sydney, like any other service provider, should be able to demonstrate the technical skills required to accomplish the project efficiently. Inquire about their licenses and qualifications, as well as the equipment they employ; this will rapidly screen out fly-by-night businesses that may not be able to produce the results you anticipate.

Assess Their Reputation:
You can directly look for the company online and read its online reviews. You can contact other body corporate committees to see if they’ve done business with any of your prospects and get first-hand feedback. It is also a good idea to request recommendations from the painting firm for further input.

Request Their Portfolio:
Most good professional commercial painting businesses will have a fully functional website that displays examples of their previous work. Examine their portfolio for prior stratum and body corporate work and visually appraise their output. You can also request that they bring their collection with them when they meet you for a site visit or when you meet with them in their office.


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