5 Types of Partition Walls that You Need to Know about

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A partition wall is a wall or division made of bricks, studding, glass, or other similar materials that are used to separate one section of a room from another part of a room.

Partitions Made of Glass Blocks:
Glass block partitions can be used for non-load-bearing walls, windows, or partitions in both residential and commercial applications. Shower stall walls, internal dividers, sidelights for basement windows, entry doors, and windowless kitchen walls are all popular applications.

Partition Wall Made of Bricks:
The height of a plain brick partition of half brick thickness is limited to 2m during building in a day. The cement mortar used in the brick partition walls in Sydney had a 1:3 ratio.

Partitions Made of Plaster Slab:
It is made of sawdust and burnt gypsum or plaster of Paris. Iron or timber moulds are used to create slabs ranging in thickness from 5cm to 10cm. The best grooves in the plaster slabs are provided to make robust joints. These slabs are readily fastened using nails and screws.

Partitions Made of Asbestos Cement:
It is lightweight, impermeable, long-lasting, waterproof, and fire-resistant. Asbestos cement sheets are formed of asbestos cement sheets and are attached to wood structures. Sheets are positioned and connected with cement mortar. It is commonly used in works of a transient nature.

Partitions Made of Metal:
It is light in weight, robust, and fireproof, and it is simple to build and move. Hollow gaps are filled with an insulating substance. It is used for office and industrial buildings and is made of metal lathes that are supported and supported by wires.


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