Find Out All the Advantages & Disadvantages of Strip Footing

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A strip foundation, also known as a strip footing, is a shallow foundation that is commonly used in low to medium-rise residential buildings. Strip foundations are rapid and cost-effective to install, but only where the ground conditions are stable and have adequate load-bearing capacity.

Strip foundations are only one sort of shallow foundation. They can be used to support load-bearing walls if the underlying ground’s load-bearing capacity has been assessed and determined to be adequate for the project. Strip foundations can also be utilized to support columns that are close together.

The Advantages of Strip Foundations:
Strip foundations have substantial advantages when applied correctly. They are generally cheap to build and use, and they are well understood by both construction specialists and manual labour employees. Strip foundations are simple to build and require only the most basic formwork constructions and reinforcing installation.

The Drawbacks of Strip Foundations:
Strip foundations, as previously stated, are only appropriate for modest building projects with low loading requirements. Strip foundations could have major effects where soil conditions are poor or irregular, perhaps resulting in structural integrity difficulties or even collapse. Strip foundations may also be unsuitable for sloping sites or sites requiring a retaining wall.

A thorough examination of the ground conditions across the whole footprint of the building is required to determine the plot’s total load-bearing capacity, any weaker regions, and any other variables, such as access limits, water flows, or other elements that may affect the foundations.

In regions of the site where the ground’s load-bearing capability is diminished, for example, a larger steel strip footings Sydney may be necessary, and the concrete should also be reinforced with appropriate steel reinforcing items.


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