Learn What You Need to Do When it Comes to Strata Waterproofing

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Typically, the owners’ corporation repairs shared property, while each individual owner repairs anything on their property. Examine your strata plan and by-laws to determine who should perform a repair. Contact your strata committee secretary or strata manager to obtain a copy. In most cases, this is who is in charge of routine repairs.

How to Make Repairs:
Inform your strata manager or strata committee if you notice any communal property that needs repair. You can also call them if you believe your property needs repairs. They will either do the repair or inform you whether you must do it yourself. Contact your landlord if you are a renter.

If extensive repairs are required, the owner’s corporation may be required to convene to decide what to do. A ‘special levy’ to cover the expense of the work may be included.

Contact your building manager, strata manager, or strata committee secretary in the event of an emergency repair of strata waterproofing in Sydney. As an example, suppose a water main bursts and floods your property.

You may need to contact an emergency tradesperson at times. You might do this if it’s after business hours (or if you can’t reach the strata manager, building management, or strata committee secretary). Then you can request a refund from the owner’s corporation.

To get your money back, you may need to demonstrate that it was appropriate for you to contact the tradesperson. Request in writing that the tradesperson explains the problem and what was done to rectify it. Some strata managers maintain a list of emergency tradespeople on their website that you can use.


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