Find Out All the Physical Health Benefits that Landscaping has for You

Posted on Dec 5, 2022 by Homelandscaping - Leave a reply

Aside from being good for our health, a well-kept and beautiful landscape may also be beneficial to business. According to a recent study, beautiful outdoor spaces can boost employee happiness, reaffirm a customer’s decision to visit your shop, serve as a visual reminder of residents’ condo fees at work, or make a property feel friendlier to tourists.

According to research, simply glancing at plants or trees, even via a window, can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. A study of Japanese workers discovered that a walk in the forest reduced their average pulse by 5% and blood pressure by more than 3%! Workers who have a window that lets in natural light or who have indoor plants report better levels of job satisfaction.

Not only that, but being outside in nature can reduce inflammation, which in turn can lessen autoimmune illnesses, IBS, and even cancer! While research into cancer prevention is still in its early stages, studies show that spending time outside can increase the synthesis of anti-cancer proteins. There are also general benefits to spending time in nature, such as a boost to the immune system, which allows the body to battle ordinary ailments like colds and flu more effectively.

Finally, the physical health benefits of complete commercial landscaping solutions in Sydney linked with your property’s landscaping and green spaces can benefit anyone who steps foot on it. Employees are happier and more productive, residents are happier, and guests have a better experience.


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