Find Out Why You Need to Do Planter Box Waterproofing

Posted on Nov 30, 2022 by Localwaterproofers - Leave a reply

Many people understand the need of keeping their deck waterproofed. Decks are harmed by the elements, including rain, snow, and even the sun if they are not waterproofed. While most homeowners take care of their decks, it is usual for them to overlook the need for waterproofing planter boxes. Make sure your pots are waterproofed before any significant damage occurs.

Planters are equally as crucial as decks when it comes to waterproofing. While planters can improve the overall appearance of your home, they have a tendency to leak and, if left ignored, can cause damage to your home. Mold and dry rot thrive in a situation where water seeps out of the planter and onto unfinished parts.

Dry rot not only damages the planters themselves, but it can also spread to any construction beneath or adjacent to the planter, inflicting considerably more harm. It is especially vital to waterproof planter boxes since they are always moist; as a result, there is a good chance that rot or mould will emerge.

When this happens, you must not only replace the broken planters but also repair any additional damage that has occurred. This cover removing mould, fixing frames, landscaping fees, and replacing any surrounding surfaces that may have been harmed, such as drywall, stucco, or whatever else the planter is linked to.

All of these repairs might end up being very expensive, as well as giving you serious difficulties while you wait for them to be completed. The only definite way to avoid all of these headaches is to have your planter box waterproofing in Sydney done. You may rest easy knowing that your planter will be professionally waterproofed if you get it waterproofed by a professional.

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