It’s Time for You to Hire Strip Footing Services: Know Why

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A strip footing is a continuous concrete strip on which load-bearing walls are erected in the centre. This is a level footing for the walls, and its dimensions must be sufficient to distribute the load imparted to the footing to subsoil area capable of supporting the building weight without undue compaction. Today, developers primarily utilise concrete for footings because it is simple to put, spread, and level in the footing trench.

Because of its capacity to harden, concrete forms a footing for walls and develops adequate compressive strength to support the load of the footings. Strip footings were previously composed of brick. They were either installed directly on hard subsoil or on a bed of natural stones.

If the strip footing is to be built on sloping terrain, you will almost certainly need to build a stepped structure. To appropriately step the footing, the entire thickness of the top half of the footing should be double the step height, or 12 inches, whichever is greater. To eliminate the need to cut blocks or bricks and to assure the future wall’s stability, the brickwork or blockwork executed later on is to tie in directly at the step.

Deep strip footing by strip footings services in Sydney is the most common and least expensive approach when soil conditions are favourable. The walls are supported by a reinforced concrete strip. The trench depth can vary, but it should be at least 40 inches deep and 24 inches broad. Concrete should have a minimum depth of 9” at least.

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