Find Out the Type of Equipment You Need for Height Safety

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There are so many different types of height safety equipment that if you don’t work in the industry or utilise height safety items on a daily basis, it might be difficult to tell your roof guardrails from your aluminium walkways. But one thing is certain: working at any height necessitates the use of trustworthy height safety equipment to protect you against falls, injuries, and fatalities.

As a result, it’s critical that your height safety measures are recognised and accredited, as Safe Work Australia mandates that height risk assessment is required for all height work. A roof certification is necessary for all height safety devices, and these height safety installations in Sydney must be recertified every 12 months.

Because business owners are held liable if safety systems are not in compliance, it is critical that they are educated on the correct selection, usage, and maintenance of industrial height access and fall arrest systems.

Height Protection Equipment:
Height safety solutions are only as good as the people who use them, so make sure you and your employees are aware of various types of height safety products and equipment. A comprehensive height safety system may necessitate the installation of numerous different types of height safety equipment, depending on the fall hazards present and the sort of work performed on your site.

Roof anchor points, for example, are typically used in conjunction with other height safety personal protective equipment (PPE), such as harnesses or lanyard fall prevention systems.

Height safety equipment should always be inspected both before and after usage. The table below may be useful in assuring the proper use and function of roof safety systems in your business.

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