3 Reasons to Hire Only Experienced Strata Painters

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Strata painting is more advanced than standard commercial painting. Large structures are its primary target, and it ensures that every square inch of your structure is treated with expertise. Professional businesses can present an exterior that reflects the calibre of the goods and services they offer with the help of quality strata painting.

And while any experienced strata painters in Sydney can handle one or two stories, handling many stories, scaffolding, and the myriad of other intricacies requires a certified and experienced strata painter. Not to mention the maintenance required to ensure the longest possible lifespan for your paint job.

You will Save Both Money and Time:
Would you prefer to make a one-time investment or pay for painting and maintenance every few years? While no paint work lasts forever, a quality strata painting job will outlast any commercial painting job by years. Professional strata painters will also provide aftercare and upkeep as part of their contract. The end result? Repairs, touch-ups, and repainting take up less time. Overall, less money is spent.

What about Lead & Asbestos?
There are specific precautions when dealing with asbestos and lead-based paint. They cannot be handled in the same way as any other assignment. Professional strata painters are properly trained to deal with these issues. This is critical since both asbestos and lead can be hazardous if not treated appropriately.

Longer Paint Job Durability:
Longevity more than makes up for the price of a professional strata painting work, which may seem daunting. Deep cleaning comes first before strata painting. Before work starts, all of the dirt, grime, and dust are stripped away. After the painting is complete, waterproof film and additional coatings are applied to seal the surface.

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