Find Out Why You Need to Build Retaining Walls in Sydney Properties

Posted on Oct 26, 2022 by Landscapers - Leave a reply

Retaining walls address a number of perennial issues for Kauai commercial property owners, including erosion control and the creation of functional space on slopes for planting.

We’ll go over how retaining walls in Sydney work and why they can improve your commercial landscape by adding structural integrity and vertical interest.

What Exactly is a Retaining Wall?
Planting in sloped areas of the landscape can be difficult for Kauai resorts and commercial properties because soil washes away with frequent rain on some parts of the island. Slopes are difficult to maintain in drier Kauai microclimates due to sun and wind exposure, creating a harsh environment for growing turf, ground cover, or plants.

Retaining walls are a solution to these issues because they create a strong barrier to keep soil in place, manage stormwater runoff, and establish functional landscape beds for vertical landscaping.

The Function of a Retaining Wall:
We briefly discussed the retaining walls in Sydney in terms of erosion control and landscaping, but here are some site-specific examples of how retaining walls can be a beneficial landscape enhancement on a Kauai commercial property.

A striking entrance: Retail plazas and commercial zones typically have entrances with extensive landscaping and signage. It’s not uncommon on Kauai for an entrance to be at the bottom or top of a slope. Some property owners even construct slopes and retaining walls at their entryways to create more privacy and to screen views of parking lots or buildings.

Retaining walls can create a high-impact entrance by providing terracing for flower planting and acting as a gateway to the property.

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