Find Out Why Your Home Needs Balcony Waterproofing in Sydney

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When the balcony is wet, water seeps through tiny cracks in the concrete and comes into contact with the steel rods that are embedded in the concrete. The steel can corrode with time, leading to spalling of the concrete and, in worse cases, failure.

The life of the balcony will be prolonged by waterproofing the tops and sides of these balconies and then going through leaking balcony repairs Sydney, which will stop water from penetrating the concrete and rusting the steel or being exposed to freezing temperatures.

Signs of Damage to Existing Concrete Balcony:
Observe your balcony regularly for damage and even take images to compare the diameters of cracks and spalls. Damage to an existing concrete balcony should be reported as soon as possible.

If you think your balcony has sustained severe damage, it is advised that you hire a skilled structural engineer to examine it and provide recommendations for repairs or, in some circumstances, replacement. Bustamante Engineers has completed countless restoration projects, both large and little, therefore we are no strangers to concrete balconies.

How is Waterproofing Installed & What Does it Mean?
In essence, waterproofing means guarding against water incursion. Even though concrete is often thought of as an impermeable substance, there are tiny gaps that allow water to condense on the steel or freeze and thaw.

A waterproofing membrane that stops water from penetrating the concrete and exposing the steel and inside of the concrete to the elements of nature can be installed to prevent that. Installation of typical waterproofing systems involves several processes. It is necessary to prepare the current balcony, and a waterproofing system has multiple layers.

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