Find Out More about the Need for Fireproofing Maintenance

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The process of enhancing the fire resistance of structures or materials is referred to as fireproofing, sometimes known as passive fire protection. The fireproofing maintenance Sydney does not always imply that the fire will not touch the fireproofed item or that the fireproofed thing will never burn. When an item is fireproofed, it indicates that it is protected from fire for a set period of time or duration depending on the measured performance of the fireproofing material in various tests and evaluations.

Active fire protection and passive fire protection are the two disciplines of fireproofing. Passive fire protection is used in oil refineries and industrial process plants to prevent fires from spreading due to structural collapse and pressure vessel overheating. Damage caused by the fire too soon might provide additional fuel to the inferno.

Previously, the typical fireproofing procedure was to pour concrete around the thing to be fireproofed. Such fireproofing systems are too heavy to install at higher elevations or in regions where heavyweight is prohibited. The fireproofing industry has found a solution by developing a fireproofing system based on vermiculite and epoxy rather than concrete.

Vermiculite-based fireproofing maintenance Sydney is less in weight and may be erected at any height; however, they are not as strong as concrete-based fireproofing and should not be used at lower elevations or in places prone to mechanical abuse. There is a tendency toward adopting concrete-based fireproofing from the ground to one metre, followed by vermiculite-based fireproofing for the remainder of the structure.

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