Learn What You Have to Do if You Find Lead Paint

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You have a variety of removal alternatives if your home has lead-based paint. Although some states permit you to remove lead paint yourself, a professional with lead paint removal certification is trained to do the task safely and will choose the most effective method of efficient lead paint removal in Sydney.

Removal. Lead-based paints can be removed using a variety of techniques, such as wire brushing or wet hand scraping using liquid paint removers. If wet sanding is chosen by your contractor, he or she must utilise an electric sander with a high-efficiency particulate air-filtered vacuum. Another choice is to hand scrape paint off with a low-temperature heat gun.

Open flame burning or torching, abrasive blasting, machine sanding without a HEPA attachment, and power washing without a way to catch water and paint chips are prohibited techniques of efficient lead paint removal in Sydney.

The Passive Option:
You can choose to leave lead-based paint alone in your home if it is in good shape-there is no chipping or other damage-and there are no children under the age of 6 who reside there or frequently visit. If you decide to sell, you must declare the presence of the paint.

Instead, start with a clean-up and find out how lead-based paint is regulated by your local office if the paint is flaking or chipping, or if intact lead-based paint is on window sills and stair rails when children under 6 are present.

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