Find Out the Risks of Asbestos & Why You Need to Call Experts

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Given that asbestos is commonly known as a silent killer that frequently goes unreported, simply thinking about its presence in the structure around you might make you feel uneasy and worried. There is an added duty if you own the building because you may be held accountable for the substance’s effects. Since the mineral’s entire restriction from usage in Sydney construction more than 20 years ago, the risks of the material have been well-documented over time.

The Asbestos Health Risks:
According to statistics, asbestos kills over 5000 employees annually, and 20 tradespeople pass away each week as a result of prior exposure. These sobering statistics demonstrate that asbestos is still a very real and substantial concern, not only to tradespeople and those involved in its asbestos roof removal services, but also to those who work in the building and other nearby residents.

The concerns arise when the asbestos fibres in the items become loose and perhaps airborne due to breakage, fire, or other disturbances. These microscopic fibres that are breathed do not break down and remain in the lungs permanently, which can cause severe diseases as the body tries to resist these foreign fragments.

It will first result in discomfort, inflammation, and infection, which might cause any of the following illnesses:

  • Thoracic Thickness
  • Chest cancer
  • Asbestosis
  • Mesothelioma

As part of our renovation services for non-domestic properties, asbestos roof removal services may remove and dispose of roof and wall components that contain non-licensed asbestos. While utilising their own health and safety consultants to serve as your co-ordinator for the length of the works, they can also serve as the principal contractor for the project.

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