4 Most Enthralling Advantages of Strip Footings in Sydney

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Strip footings are a particular kind of footing that is frequently used as the base for load-bearing or support walls, or they can hold up a slab. It is made up of the following parts: A strip footing is a relatively small slab of steel-reinforced concrete that is positioned in a trench. Most domestic constructions between low and medium rise employ this type of foundation. Hire experts now for strip footings Sydney at an affordable rate.

What Depth Do Strip Footings Go?
The soil characteristics in the immediate vicinity will determine the minimum depth needed for strip footings. However, if situated on the frost-sensitive ground, strip foundations should be at least 450mm below completed ground level to prevent frost damage.

An Overview of Strip Footings’ Benefits:
Strip footings are among the most often utilised foundations in the domestic building because of a number of benefits:

  • They can be used to build structures that are sloped.
  • Because of its versatility, strip foundation walls can also be used as basement walls.
  • Because it is technically straightforward and frequently does not require the use of heavy-duty machinery, its construction is comparatively cost-effective.
  • It is feasible to insulate a house’s floors more effectively with strip foundations.

The strip footing’s width is dictated by the soil’s bearing capacity. The width of the strip footing must be smaller the more bearing capability the soil has. Get your construction project started by getting in touch with us right away with experts in strip footings Sydney at an affordable rate for all the major areas.

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