All You Need to Know about Land Subdivision Surveying & its Benefits

Posted on Aug 29, 2022 by Pacificbuilders - Leave a reply

To be sure you can utilise the property as you intend, you should engage a land surveyor before you buy or start building. It costs money to develop real estate. To make sure your money is effectively spent, find out more about how to use a land subdivision surveying to your benefit.

The Best Location for a Building:
You can use a land subdivision survey to determine where on a piece of property you should build. You can discover information about the topography and terrain that recommend construction in a certain area of your land. Additionally, you may find out where any subterranean utilities are to plan your construction accordingly.

Obtaining a Proper Land Valuation:
You may be able to negotiate considerably more successfully if you have a land survey. Imagine, for instance, that a land subdivision surveying reveals issues with the property, such as an easement, a concern with the environment, or another issue that lowers the value of the land. If so, you might be able to utilise this to negotiate a lower price on the home.

Identifying any Easements on the Property:
An easement is a contract that a property owner enters into with another party to permit the other party to use a portion of the property in exchange for a fee. For instance, many properties contain easements that allow utility providers to run pipes or wires through the property.

In some cases, when a property is sold, easements are transferred to the new owner. While this does imply that the person who owns the easement will pay you money, in most cases, these easements lower the value of the land.

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